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 Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. is bound by this Charter as detailed below.

1.Efforts to provide better supply of power to all types of consumers according to its availability.

2. Efforts to provide power connection to all categories of its consumers connections such as domestic / Non domestic, Light and Fan, Irrigation (PTW /STW), Industrial, Temporary and Permanant Connections.

3.To simplify the procedures for providing connections and making it time bound to all type of consumers, such as domestic / Non domestic, light and Fan, Private Tube wells, Industrial units etc.

4.Efforts for the early disposal of complaints of consumers.

5.Efforts to provide better, friendly and co-ordinated consumer service.

6.To transmit the information of its programmes and plans to Public through the peoples representatives, and Public Relation media.

7. Efforts of the corporation to apprise prospective Consumers about  all relevent rules and regulations regarding release of power Connections.

8. Wide publicity of all the notices regarding power cuts.

9.Propogation of mass education programmes to stop misuse of electricity and importance to make it more useful.

10.Displaying all the important  notices pertaining to consumers at the Notice board of all the Divisions ans Sub-division offices.

11.All the services provided by the department to consumers are the rights of the Consumers without giving any bribe.

Website of U.P. Power Corporation Ltd.

12(a). All the information regarding electricity connection, Billing, Commercial and power supply are available on the website http://www.uppcl.org.

(b) Any other informations including theft of Electricty can be given by the consumer at the website http://www.powerup.org.

Charter for release of Domestic / Non Domestic L&F connections.

Information to consumers regarding new connections :

 1.Consumers desirous to obtain L/F connection upto 7.5 kw and having the distance from the LT pole upto 40 mts can obtain the prescribed application form free of cost from the sub-divisional office and shall deposit it after filling the desired informations along with duly filled B & L form alongwith the prescribed processing charges in SDO's office.

        After the reciept of application, the consumer shall be provided with the relevent terms and condions charges with in a weekand accordingly the security charges and service line charges shall have to be deposited by the applicant alongwith the Declaration duly signed by two witnesses with their full residential addresses.

        After completion of the above formalities if no shortcoming is found at the premises of the consumer, his power connection shall be released within 15 days.

(2) Formalities required to be completed for new electricity  connections.

(a) Certificate of being the land Lord / Tenant of the premises.

(b) Decleration on a plain paper (Stamp paper not required)

(c) B & L form.

(d) Security charges @ Rs 300 per kilowatt or part thereof,.

(e)  Service connection charges

       i)  Single Phase - Rs.203

        ii) Three Phase   - Rs. 218

Note: (A) It is the responsibility of the consumer to provide Meter Board with its cover, Rag Bolt, Service Bracket and fix them alongwith IS mark LT cable of the required length as below.

Electric Load                                                              Measurement

1.   Upto 4(Four) KW-Single Phase                        24 Sq. m m, Aluminium cable

2.  Above 4(Four) KW- but upto 7.5 KW -              46 Sq. m m Aluminium cable                

       Three Phase        

(B). Catenory Wire to be used alongwith the cable, shall be of 10 SWG steel wire in single phase connection, and 6 SWG steel wire in three phase connections shall also be made available by the consumer.

(C). System Loading Charges---- Rs. 150 per KVA or its part thereof .

(D).    Processing charges per application

    (i)    Upto 2 kw                                           Rs.50

    (ii)    Above 2kw but upto 4 kw                     Rs.125

    (iii)    Above  4 kw                                       Rs.150

    (iv)    Commercial load                                Rs.200

Formalities required for extension of electric load.

(a)    Simple Application on plain paper ( with processing charges)

(b)    Decleration on plain paper ( Not required on stamp paper)

(c)    B & L Form

(d)    Additional security

(e)    Service connection charges

(f)    System loading charges

(g)    Technical Feasibility  Report (TFR) is not required.

    Regarding sanction of Additional load to Consumers

        It was usually seen under the earstwhile U.P. State Electricity Board that Domestic / Non Domestic Light & Fan, Power Consumers, Private Tube wells and consumers of medium power load after taking connections use to increase their connected load according to their will.

        By this increase in load by the consumers of their own the load on the distribution system increases on one hand and U.P.Power Corporation Ltd.suffers the loss of revenue by way of minimum charges in tarrif on the other, as well as rules are also violated. This is known as malpractice by which the consumers had to face the disconnections and also to pay for additional assesed revenue,

        For convenience of the consumers for determination of electric load the base calculation chart for Domestic / Non domestic light and Fan, and power connection is attached herewith. It is an appeal to consumers in their own intrest that they should ensure that their acutal connected load is not more than the sanctioned load as per the calculation chart annexed herwith. Consumers who want to increase their load should  apply for the additional load, and after completing the formalities of the corporation they should increase the load so that they may not face any problem.

The Calculation chart for calculation of load of domestic Light & Fan and Power.

        For the convenience of consumers of the corporation, the following calculation chart is provided so that they may calculate their domestic electric load of their own. The hand bills of this calculation chart after publication shall be subjected to wide publication in Tehsils, concerned departments and Development Blocks.


Calculation of Power Load

    Base for the calculation of power load of domestic / non domestic Light & Fan and Power connection;

1.             Bulb / Fans (actual)                 :         60 watts each

2.             Tube light (actual)                     :         40 watts each

3.             Light Plug(unused)                    :         upto 3 plugs 60 watts additional                                                                                              60  watts each for 3 plugs or less.

4.              adi                                         :         40 watts each

5.              Television

                   (a) coloured                           :         100 watts

                    (b) B & W                            :         85 watts

6.              Power plug                               :         upto 3 plugs 500 watts and                                                                                              additional each 3 plugs or less                                                                                              additional 500 watts

7.             Fridge, Desert Cooler,               :         As per actual load (RatedPower) Guyzer, Airconditioner, water Lifting pump etc.               of the Gadgets.

Note :

        If any gadget  is connected to power or light plug then the load of the gadget or the fixed load of the plug whichever is more shall be taken into account and in such a case the load of the plug shall not be counted seperately.

2.    For unutilised non domestic light and fan and Power Points each shall be calculated on the basis of maximum wattage at a point being Proposed to be used.

    For the knowledge of the consumers the standards / yardstick for calculation of load shall also be sent to the consumers along with the monthly bills. The details of these Yardsticks and calculation in a form of hand bill shall be sent through Tehsil and Block Development offices to the consumer.

3.    In the premises of Light and Fan Consumer the 50 percent of connected load and for Commercial consumers 75 percent of the connected load shall be treaated as conrtracted load, on which security, system loading charges and electricity rates shall be charged.

4.    In respect of Air-conditioner and Guyzer even if they are on seperate plug point then one which has higher load of these two, shall be considered.

Expectation from consumers.

Domestic and commercial (For saving electricty)

-      If it is not necessary - the fan, light, cooler, Airconditioner, Heater and other gadgets etc. should be kept off.

-    Do not open the door of the Fridge frequently and for long duration.

-    In the day time, use sun light maximum and put off the bulbs, tubes etc.  

-    Most of the lighting equipments become hazy due to dust and other sticky materials so clean them regularly to achivve the best results.

-    Avoid unnecessary decoration of lights.

For saving more electricity CFL(compact flourecent lamps) of 2,9 &11 watts in place of conventional flourecent tubes/lamps be used which provide more light with less consumpion of electricity.

  Domestic eqipments of ISI standards should be used.

Redressal of Consumer Problem / Complaints.

    To educate the  consumers and redressal of their problem / complaints about electricity the sub-ordinate offices of the corporation viz distribution Divisions and sub-division organise various Camps at different places after wide publicity. The concerned officer / officials shall be present to redress the problems on the spot.

    In the zonal, circle, divisional offices various complaints of consumers/public which are lodged by VVIP/VIP and are of important nature are disposed off and monitoring of decision on them are also ensured.

   If the complaints of the public is not looked into at zonal, circle, divisional level within a reasonable time they may contact General Manager and Special Assistant to Chairman Cum Managing Director at corporation level on telephone No. 287705.

   In power corporation to attend the various complaints of the consumers such as wrong/excess billing,non receipt of bills, non replacement/delay in replacement of defective meters, disconnection, reconnection,payment of arrears, a Bijilee adalat has been constituted at each district level to settle the revenue matters at a fast pace. State level, also a Bijli Adalat has also been constituted.

     Necessary Precautions:-

         The purpose of publishing this citizen's charter is to provide theconsumer the basic informations about the organisation, but any information or informations contained in it shall in no way affect the Indian Electricity act /Rules , Supply Act / Electricity Supply( consumer regulations, tariff or any other corporation order or adversly affect or relax any powers provided under them)

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